Sunflower Chalice Has MOVED

Sunflower Chalice has moved to a new home and with that move comes a new title. You can now find this blog, renamed SUNFLOWER SPIRIT, on the website of my spiritual direction practice at:

From now on, the URL of Sunflower Chalice will redirect to Sunflower Spirit.

If you’re wondering why and where I’ve been, read on.

I haven’t posted much to this blog in a few years. After some difficult years that included divorce, getting my son through college, and battling cancer, I let this blog go. I felt that I often didn’t have things I felt compelled to say, or if I did, I never seemed to find the time to write and post. Like many of you, the tRUMP years took a big toll on my general energy and general optimism levels. In the last couple of years, however, I have moved to Connecticut to work with two small but mighty Unitarian Universalist congregations and I got married (my second) to a wonderful woman who is an Episcopal priest. Living through the Covid-19 pandemic has been rough, but I have come through the last two years with a renewed sense of optimism and feel called to resume my online ministry in earnest. So I am recasting this blog as Sunflower Spirit. Sunflower Chalice was a great title when this was a blog focused on Unitarian Universalism, but I hope to find a new, broader audience for my online ministry so I changed the title. In the coming weeks, I will move most of the resources available on this blog to During the pandemic I learned quite a bit about video production, editing, and streaming so I am also reorganizing my YouTube channel to be a more professional offering with regular various installments such as videos offering a Spiritual Challenge and reflections during Morning Walks with my dog, Pancake, along with sermon videos and other video shorts. I will be cross posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even starting a presence on TikTok.

If you are still reading this post – and still reading this blog – perhaps you received this in your email because you’re a subscriber. I’d greatly appreciate it if you would consider heading over to and resubscribing to the blog. In addition, you’d truly be helping me re-launch my online ministry by also clicking over to YouTube and subscribing to my channel at If you already follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, I am grateful and you don’t, these are the links in case you’re interested:


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It feels great to be returning to a more active online ministry. It’s part of my efforts to expand my spiritual direction practice and my work as a guest speaker, consultant, and teacher.

Thanks for having journeyed with Sunflower Chalice. I hope you will continue the pilgrimage to Sunflower Spirit and TonyLorenzen.Com.

Much Love,